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Planning your next move? If you are moving yourself or hiring best packers and movers in Bangalore , transit insurance is something you need to consider to protect your personal stuff during the move. If you are choosing a moving company, it is better to choose one that offers transit insurance even if you have a home insurance. Moving company like Sainik packers and movers offer insurance facilities to customers to insure furniture, household goods, home appliances and other items from any damage during transit. We offer all-inclusive insurance which simply means your goods are protected against any damage starting from packing to unpacking of items.

We take care of all paperwork and documenting necessary for insuring your items on your behalf to save your valuable time. The service offered by us helps you insure your personal goods in case of any accidental damage. We make things simple for you by doing the work on behalf of you.

It’s not only the packing, transportation, and unboxing requires coverage, there are factors that are beyond our control like fire outbreak, sabotage or any other accidents that can cause damage to your goods. As the best movers and packers in Bangalore best packers and movers in Bangalore, we have partnered with insurance companies to offer coverage to you in transit.


Getting transit insurance is highly recommended especially when you are shifting to a long distance from the current location. Though we offer top quality services and manpower, damages may happen due to human error or due to other accidents that are out of our hands. At times customers may have paid for transit insurance with a moving company, but once some damage happens and they try to claim for it, they will come to know that particular situation was not covered by the company. Hence it is highly important to read and know the fine print of terms and conditions for transit insurance.


As the name conveys, transit insurance covers you from any damage that happened during transportation. It also clearly means that any damage caused to your good before transit won’t be covered. For any damage during loading and unloading may not be covered as well. You can directly avail transit insurance from the moving company or from any general insurance company. It is important to keep all the original bills and insurance papers safe because you need them to use it in case of any damage.


All inclusive transit insurance is a company insurance which covers all damages during the entire process of packing to shifting. This is the insurance which covers damages caused by a human error while packing or loading/unloading or during transportation. As this type of insurance is offered by the moving company, it is critical to choose the best packers and movers in Bangalore.Transit insurance is a necessity to protect your goods safely from any damage when you relocate to a new place. It is not a great idea to leave out transit insurance as a way to cut off the costs.

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