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Packing things is the scariest part of relocating and getting rid of some items seems to be even more difficult. It is a basic instinct of people to stack up old things at home even if you don’t use them. If you check your closet or cupboards, half of the boxes will have sentimental items including childhood things, clothes, pictures and more. Letting go of items is not easy especially if they bind our old memories of a relationship. However, the important thing you need to understand is that if you haven’t opened the boxes for several years, it means you simply don’t need the items to remember a particular relationship. Memories are within us, not in the boxes. You may get the help of the best Movers and Packers in Bangalore, but to know what to keep and what to discard is vital. So here are a few tips that can help you with getting rid of sentimental items that you really don’t need.


Getting rid of thins, especially if you have sentimental value is not easy. Start opening your old boxes to sort out the items you have been storing for years. Donating items to people who may sue it is also a great idea to get rid of things.This might be a big leap for many of us, but to remove the physical weight and emotional gravitas, this helps to an extent. You can choose to take small steps or a giant leap by donating one at a time or everything at the same time. It really depends on the stuff you want to get rid of and your attitude.


In this digital era, there isn’t anything that cannot be digitalized. If you have sentiments towards anything, instead of locking it up in a box, you can take a picture to see it whenever required. Scanning old photographs and storing them in a hard disk is also recommended so that even if the photographs get spoiled over time, the memory still remains.


Organizing your sentimental items is far better than simple boxing them up and storing forever. Instead, take them out and organize items so that you can view them, whenever required. In case of photographs, make photo albums or scrapbook out of the old photos or make photo collage and display on your wall. Other items can also be displayed as unique art pieces around your home. Movers and Packers in Bangalore will help you organize your sentimental items with care while you move out to a new place.

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